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First thing first: web development is not the same as website designing. You can take web development as skeletal structure and the web design as the haute couture that you wear for looking fashionable. Web development thus is the architecture of the website. Got it? Nice! Lets move on now.

Thankfully, I am not only good with words. Saurav Kumar is a leading web development freelancer based in India. I think that a website is an outstanding way to enhance your business by connecting with the customers around the world. I can code a site while sleepwalking and turn up with something quite amazing. I are not saying that i have a group of innovative zombies, but on our worst ever day also, i am much better than those web development firms out there: okay say, MOST, not all.

As it is said that the proof of pie is in eating and the talents of a developer can be seen by coding. So, get in touch with me today, meet me right away and give me the opportunity to help you. I can work on different platforms to help you with your web development needs including:


PHP is used to create top-notch PHP web applications, ecommerce solutions, custom CMS solutions and a lot more nowadays. Perfectly fit for extensive PHP development and committed maintenance and support, i focus on offering innovative and original services that understand high performance, high efficiency and cost efficient development strategies to meet the necessities of all our customers. I am a one stop solution for all your PHP requirements. I possess the great skills and experience to help you in a wide variety of web development services. I live, breathe and eat PHP. I am best for our proficiency in their PHP offshoot, be it CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Z-Cart, Drupal, etc. or PHP MVC framework such as Codelgniter, CakePHP, YII, Zend, etc.


With over 60 million websites, finding base in WordPress, is one hell of software! It is an ultimate playground and can put you in full control of 1000+ functionalities and features it offers. WordPress is simple, powerful, dynamic, and it grows with you! As your own business thrives, you can keep adding thousands of new pages and still, the speed won’t be compromised. WordPress puts you in full control of its active features while being simple to operate still- even for dork! You can keep experimenting with lots of free themes available and increasing its great functionality by adding on plug-ins. It is search engines optimized and community forums are there to offer you a push always whenever you get stucked!

Whether it is developing a whole site from scratch or offering a full uplift to an existing one, i build up work-of-art! From sites for phones to PCs, throw me any kind of challenge and i will deliver the ideal product.

The development services we offer in this sphere include:

  • Wordpress Configuration & Setup
  • Wordpress Site Upgradation & Migration
  • Wordpress Securities Issues & Backup
  • Wordpress Error & Bugs Fixing
  • Wordpress Support & Maintenance
  • Wordpress Setup, Theme Development, & Configuration
  • Wordpress Plugins & Widgets Development & Customization


Magento helps you to play your cards rightly. If offers you a range of flexible features along with thousands of extensions that can be used to form a solution, ideal for all your e-commerce requirements. Services like mobile commerce, catalog management, and purchaser account help to widen your customers base while analytics and marketing tools help to keep a check about what is working actually and what is not. Magento has more than 240000 e-commerce customers swearing by it. Being owned by eBay, Magento is one among the most influential open source and e-commerce software and allows you to create and manage an e-store. Easy and affordable! I am a proficient Magento web development freelancer.

With Magento, comes string of opportunities and features. Using them, we offer you a full e-commerce platform with:

  • Magento Extensions and Themes Development
  • Magento Site Maintenance and Management
  • Magento Site Reporting and Analytics
  • Magento Mobiles Commerce
  • Magento Site Migration and Upgradation
  • Magento E-commerce Website Development
  • Magento Customers Accounts and Service Development
  • Magento Shopping Cart Development and Orders Management


You might wish to count on the digits twice if we let you know that the Joomla platform has been downloaded over 30000000 times. With ever expanding community and pouring recognitions, it is following WordPress now, close on its heels. With Joomla, safety can be a concern hardly ever and that exactly is the reason why its great network of reputed clients is increasing with every passing day. Organizations such as Pizza Hut, Bahraini Mc Donald's, the Greek MTV, etc have opted for Joomla. It is an easy and great admin area, together with more than 6000 powerful extensions. So, if you wish to play it right and play it hard, Joomla is your answer. Simple setup and wide user permissions only make for tempting brownie points! We know that a big block of task such as a Joomla based site should be broken into small chunk of modules. As a result, i follow stepwise procedure to work on it.

Our Joomla Service Include:

  • Joomla Configuration & Setup
  • Joomla Site Upgradation & Migration
  • Joomla Bugs & Errors Fixing
  • Joomla Support & Maintenance
  • PSD to Joomla
  • Joomla Customization & Component Development
  • Joomla Extensions Development
  • Joomla Themes Development, Setup and Configuration

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Our years of experience has made me believe that marketing of business can be effective, beautiful and compelling.your goals to great business success can be met at a minimum cost and in the most professional way with me.


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